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Our Quality Guarantee

Clean and Natural

This is Number 1. We will only ever make 100% clean -green botanicals. We offer a natural alternative to mainstream medicines. Naturenhance never uses synthetics, as additives or in the production. Pesticides, toxins, heavy metals or solvents are out. This is old school green.



High Potency

This is essential oil and concentrated extracts.Its really strong!  One bottle  x150ml can last a few months if your taking a typical health boosting dose.


Bio-availability of a substance that is in liquid form increases exponentially!


Essential oils tastes pretty nasty. So we just added a sufficient amount of natural flavour to make even kids like it.

At NaturEnhance, we are dedicated to delivering herbal remedy's that are a healthy alternative to synthetic pharmaceuticals. We use organics whenever possible, are 100% vegan, and free of toxic additives and don't use any solvents or chemicals in the manufacturing process. Our Director of science, (Dan seen here talking about Liquid Health) is very passionate about keeping all our products true to their original natural essence.

liquid health products

Oue Product Range

Pure Plant-Based Liquid Supplements

At NaturEnhance we have perfected a revolutionary NEW technology for creating potent, clean liquid supplements that are 100% plant – based .

We extract potent oils from plants following strict eco friendly guidelines  not adding or useing any synthetic or toxic materials or high temperatures and render them water-soluble. This makes the bio-availability of our herbs maximised and why NaturEnhance works more efficiently and therefore effectively than other leading brands.

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Unlocking the Power
of Mustard Seed

Our Mustard Seed products have combined latest scientific delivery techniques to ancient medicinal knowledge.

Our research and manufacturing company, Pure Plants Extract Australia, has developed anti fungal and anti mosquito remedies that are 100% natural and just as effective as the chemical alternatives on the market.

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Mustard Oil Advantage

Insect Repellent

Mustard oil blocks insects and may be an effective mosquito repellent, which can be useful in preventing dengue fever, malaria and other diseases carried by insects.

Pain Reliever

Applied topically, Mustard Oil has been known to relieve the painful effects of rheumatism and arthritis as well as help soother sprained ankles and other such joint aches and pains.


Applied directly to the skin, Mustard Oil can help fight fungal infections such as Tinea and Ringworm.

Healthy for the Skin

The high vitamin E content of Mustard Oil helps improve skin health. Applied topically it may also help protect the skin from ultraviolet light and other pollutant.


"Great product! I am so satisfied that Ill try your health drinks next."
I was brought up on Aeroguard and although it is effective, the fumes always made me run . Now that I have my own kids , I worry about the toxic side effects .So having Nature Enhance mustard repellent keeps the flys and mossies away , and gives me peace of mind that I'm not poisoning the children.

Anyam Insect Repellent

Kane Johnson. Paddington , Sydney
“I no longer have to take my antibiotics for Bronchitis” I was on a low dosage of prescribed antibiotics for inflammation from bronchitis. I have been using Liquid Health for approximately 6 weeks and am no longer having to take the antibiotics. I have noticed an improvement in my general wellbeing and immune system, and my skin and hair has improved in condition.

Liquid Health Vitamin C

Sally. Camperdown
“Prior to trying the Liquid Immunity, I was suffering from continual back pain, inflammation around my joints and stiffness in my knees as a result of agelong injuries. Within seven days of using the Liquid Immunity, I could barely feel any back pain. Seven more days and I have noticed an enormous reduction in joint inflammation, and the stiffness in my knees has totally disappeared. It has been three months now, and I have been taking the Liquid Immunity ever since.”

Liquid Immunity Turmeric

Danny Chronopoulos, Sydney
“This product is amazing!” I would like to update you on my daughter’s staphylococcus infection she has had for about 11 months. We dosed her twice a day with Liquid Immunity for about 8 weeks. Each week that went by her boils reduced to the odd one or two. Then the rest only hung around for a few days. The boils have completely disappeared and have not returned. We have also seen a complete recovery from her eczema which used to cover the back of both of her legs. These would then turn into boils as well. Thanks again, will be ordering more soon just in case!

Liquid Immunity Turmeric

Darren, Sydney

I.m a 70yr old man and never had too much faith in vitamins but since receiving a few bottles of this product for a birthday present I decided to give it a try. The results were amazing, increase in energy and libido was out if this world. Highly recommended.

Liquid Health + Liquid Nutrition

Jeffrey Payne. Bali

“My swollen hands from walking are now fixed!”
I was walking every morning and began to suffer from severely swollen hands and fingers. This was very uncomfortable, and I thought I might have an auto immune disease. After taking the Liquid Immunity for 3 days, I noticed a huge improvement. My hand and fingers stopped swelling and I am now able to continue my morning walks with no issues. I will always continue to use this liquid Curcumin product.

Liquid Immunity Turmeric

Nathan, Sydney
I have a property north of Sydney and can't visit it in the summer months because the mosquitoes are ferocious, and I hate putting chemicals on my skin. Now theres nothing stopping me going there and camping in the bush. I love this product and take it with me everywhere , and since I am the director of the company , I get it for free so I never run out!

Anyam repellant

Made, works for naturenhance
“I’ve now got my Type 2 Diabetes under control” I have had type 2 diabetes for the last 14 years and have been on daily insulin. My daily insulin dosage was 15 units of rapid and between 50>60 units of slow release. Since taking the curcumin based Liquid Immunity for the last 3 weeks, I have noticed a rapid decline in my blood sugar levels. I have been able to completely cut out taking the rapid insulin and now only require 40 units of the slow release. This product really works, I am so thankful for it.

Liquid Immunity Turmeric

Mark. Bankstown, Sydney
Being a business owner and a mother to an active toddler, I need to be ready for anything at all times. I put on a different hat for each occasion but one thing is sure: I must have a good stamina to be fully engaged in whatever I do. I took the two-week NaturEnhance challenge and had a mix of Liquid Immunity and Liquid Health first thing in the morning...and they didn't lie! My mind and body felt great and my energy level nicely accelerated! I look forward to my next batch!

Liquid Immunity + Liquid Health

Gianita, Lawyer Jakarta. Indonesia
“My daily living with cancer now is more comfortable” Now that I’m regular with taking the Naturenhance range, so many positives are starting to happen that I can’t keep track. My swallowing dramas seem to resolved and my lungs have gone from me puffing when walking downstairs to being clear. I was ready to surrender at this Thursday’s doctor’s appointment and take the stomach peg option. That is not going to happen now as my swallowing has returned and I’m eating regularly again. As I can now swallow my weight is increasing. I’ve now put on more weight than I have in the last 12 years. The curcumin immunity, omegas and antioxidants have had a huge impact and will help make my life more comfortable for the years I have left.

Liquid Health+Immunity+Nutrition

Brenton, Sydney