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  • LIQUID SUN Vitamin D

    •  Plant based natural form of Vitamin D ( Cholecalciferol )
    •  Handy mouth spray
    •  Doubles as a delicious antibacterial breath freshener
    • 100% clean. No synthetics,No emulsifiers, No solvents
    •  A single serve contains 3.000 IU of Vitamin D ( twenty minutes in the sun )
    • Australian made




  • Liquid Health Vitamin C

    Full Spectrum Vitamin C

    • 444% of Recommended Daily Vitamin C, Equivalent to 100 Oranges (Body Cleanser!)
    • 100% Clean: No Synthetics, No Emulsifiers, No Solvents
    • Contains Synergistic Ingredients to Enhance its Effects
    • May increase your immunity against colds and flu
    • Our Vitamin C is completely water-soluble, so it gets into your cells where it can work
    • Australian Made
  • Turmeric Supplement

    Liquid Immunity – Water Soluble Curcumin

    • Equivalent of Two Full Plates of Turmeric
    • 100% Clean: No Synthetics, No Toxic Emulsifiers or Solvents
    • Our curcumin extract is completely water-soluble, so it solves the problem of turmeric being hard to dissolve
    • Synergy Boosting Formula
    • Australian Made
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  • Liquid Nutrition

    Liquid Nutrition Plant Based Omegas


    • Omega 3, 5, 6, 7, 9 – all in one dose
    • No salmon or krill, we use pomegranate, hemp seed*(replaced with Chia seed for Indonesian Market) and seabuckthorn
    • Our naturally occurring Omegas taste great, no fishy taste
    • Enhanced effects due to synergistic ingredients
    • Avoid the harsh rays of the sun and be assured you’re getting your required Omegas
    • Australian Made
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