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Liquid Immunity – Water Soluble Curcumin


  • Equivalent of Two Full Plates of Turmeric
  • 100% Clean: No Synthetics, No Toxic Emulsifiers or Solvents
  • Our curcumin extract is completely water-soluble, so it solves the problem of turmeric being hard to dissolve
  • Synergy Boosting Formula
  • Australian Made
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The World's First Water-Soluble 100% Natural Curcumin

After years of research we've finally solved the problem of how to get Curcumin to be absorbed without toxins or cupfuls of bitter fibre and pulp you would need to consume in order to obtain a meaningful amount of Curcumin from fresh Turmeric.

Curcumin powder naturally exists as clumps that won’t dissolve in the watery environment of your digestive system. They are too large to be absorbed, even if they were water soluble. Our 100% natural proprietary process reduces these large clumps to water-soluble nano particles, accompanied by synergistic plant-based digestive aids that further improve absorption by the body - all without heat or toxins.

No Synthetic Ingredients


No Toxic Solvents


No Toxic Emulsifiers


No Heat


Turmeric You Can Actually Absorb!




FRANKINCENSE is a nutrient-dense superfood, that provides a wide range of unique botanicals

SPILANTHES is native to Brazil and has been used for centuries to promote health as it contains cannabinoids

TURMERIC our full spectrum curcumin contains all the Curcuminoids, Essential oils and Terpenes

ROSEMARY extract is synergistic with curcumin, resulting in an amplification of its health benefits in the body

BLACK PEPPER A powerful absorbtion enhancer for Curcumin that helps it move across the gut wall into the blood stream

GREEN TEA has amazing benifits including supporting a healthy antioxidant response in the body

Our promise to you: No compromise. Ever.

With 100% natural botanicals. No chemicals. No preservatives. No animal testing.
Free from: GMO ingredients, pesticides, wheat, gluten, corn, lactose and soy.

Liquid Immunity is our new water-soluble, highly absorb-able form of curcumin. A natural herbal remedy that may reduce pain from injury or ailment and reduce swelling.

Are you already a believer that food really matters when it comes to health? Then our new water-soluble delivery is going to truly amaze you, as you grasp the incredible potential to flood every single cell of your body with nutrition like never before.

Curcumin is hugely popular. Doctors, physio’s, celebrities, athletes, detox specialists - & even beauty therapists- are all endorsing it, great mixed in your favorite drink.

A Detailed Look at NaturEnhance Liquid Immunity


Completely natural water soluble Turmeric with an abundance of synergistic polyphenols.


SHAKE WELL – Add 6-12 splashes  (3.3-6.6ml) into your favourite non-dairy beverage, stir & enjoy. Best consumed on an empty stomach. Take daily as a immunity builder and to prevent sickness. For treating existing illness or pain; increase dose to double or triple amount and reduce when symptoms subside.


Curcumin, Turmeric Essential Oil, Frankincense, Beta Caryophyllene, Spilanthes, Shikonin, Rosemary, Fulvic Minerals, Black Pepper, Pineapple Extract, Lime, Limonene, Monk Fruit Juice, Green Tea Extract, Spices & Filtered Water

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