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  •  Plant based natural form of Vitamin D ( Cholecalciferol )
  •  Handy mouth spray
  •  Doubles as a delicious antibacterial breath freshener
  • 100% clean. No synthetics,No emulsifiers, No solvents
  •  A single serve contains 3.000 IU of Vitamin D ( twenty minutes in the sun )
  • Australian made




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Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays a significant role in the regulation of calcium and maintenance of phosphorus levels in the blood. These factors are vital for maintaining healthy bones. People need vitamin D to allow the intestines to stimulate and absorb calcium and reclaim calcium that the kidneys would otherwise excrete.

Strengthen Your Bones and Muscles with Liquid Sun!

Cholecalciferol is the natural form of Vitamin D that is formed when skin is exposed to sufficiently intense sunlight. It is needed to absorb Calcium from the diet so bones and muscles stay strong.

Approximately 1 billion people worldwide are deficient.

Deficiency leads to weak bones and muscles and increases risk of many medical conditions.

6000 IU of daily Vitamin D3 supplementation is recommended to correct deficiency.

Our plant based vitamin D is made from lichen

Free from: GMO Ingredients, pesticides, wheat, gluten, corn, lactose and soy.
100% natural.

Why supplement the suns natural source? Using sunscreen, spending the majority of your day indoors, covering up during the colder months, if you have darker skin tones the suns' UV rays aren't as easily converted. And as we get older, everyone's ability to produce vitamin D slows down.

Our clean extraction method allows us to get very potent oils from plants (where the good stuff is) and render them water-soluble. So they're in a form your body can easily absorb...think of a sponge soaking up water - the more you absorb the better the effects!

Fight back against calcium deficiency today!


A Detailed Look at Liquid Sun Vitamin D


Completely natural Vitamin D formulated from lichen extract with peppermint extract for fresh breath and antibacterial effect


SHAKE WELL – spray 6-12 pumps  (3.3-6.6ml) directly into the mouth. Our plant based formula is the most effective way to deliver Vitamin D into your body.


Concentrated Lichen extract, Peppermint essential oils, Spilanthes extract

Rosemary extract, Green tea extract, spice mixture and Distilled water

How we make our vitamin D matter