Seven Days on Turmeric

My effects from drinking turmeric supplements and liquid vitamin c

My name is Anna Benson this is a true account however as my brother is a director of Naturenhance, and he asked me to try this, we need to classify this blog as an ADVERTISEMENT.

First let me set you the scene

I am suffering from Ross River Virus.

My worst symptom is the extreme arthritic pain, mostly in my feet and swollen, left elbow, however also present in my fingers, shoulders and jaw.

For the first couple of weeks I was struggling to put my feet on the floor each morning, then hobbling to the
kitchen where I couldn’t turn on the tap, (painful hands) to make my tea.
I’m lucky to not have the fever or flu symptoms associated with Ross River but feel like I’m on the
edge of getting a cold every day.

After scouring the internet for information on Ross River and speaking with many people suffering
the virus, I knew I needed to reduce inflammation and dose up on vitamin C. I had already been
taking turmeric but couldn’t get it to absorb into my body , so liquid turmeric was what I needed.

This led me to NaturEnhance. 


Dropping the “Liquid Immunity” into my glass of water (one teaspoon), I was impressed with how it
swirled and dissolved. I liked the taste! And felt an immediate ‘buzz’ through my body. However, I
didn’t get lasting effects through the day…

Turmeric Supplement


More reading of the NaturEnhance website and I discovered I should have on an empty stomach and
avoid dairy products while absorbing, as they tend to line the stomach.

On day one I had recently had a coffee and wondered if this had contributed to short effect.


I waited till 10am to take my next dose. I had one and half teaspoons this time and again had immediate effects through my body.
I had more mobility as my feet were less painful.



Similar to day two but noticed I had stopped clenching my jaw!

girl with flu


The mornings are the most painful and so I decided I wanted the “Liquid Immunity” earlier than
10am! I began my day with it.

THIS is the way I saw the best results.

My body absorbed quickly and the pain relief was obvious throughout the whole day.

I have been able to move around easier and I think the remedy is helping with swelling and circulation.

I do still feel I am getting a cold though, so
I’m going to also use “Liquid Health” the vitamin C one.


The taste of the “Liquid Health” is even better! I am feeling much more agile due to the turmeric and
looking forward to the effects of the vitamin C


Video of Naturenhance director of Science explaining benefits of natural Vitamic C


Today was good.

The liquid turmeric and vitamin C are giving me an overall healthy feeling. I have
more energy and my jaw is pain free. My elbow joint and feet are still a bit sore, but I can move
around so much better than last week. The feeling of holding off a cold is subsiding, although still
waking up with a blocked nose each morning.


As a vitamin supplement this liquid turmeric and vitamin C is the most effective I have used. They
are obviously absorbed into my body better, and I am not left with either the plastic taste of a
capsule or the aftertaste of a vitamin tablet. Often tablets will also mess with my stomach, however I
have not experienced that with these products.

Definitely going to keep using them and recommend them to friends.

Looking forward to getting some of the mustard mosi repellent too, to keep those Ross River
mosquitos off me!


I started using Liquid Immunity- the turmeric supplement, and Liquid Health- the vitamin C to help
with the pain and swelling I was suffering from Ross River Fever.

I was really impressed with the way these products dissolve, you can see they will be easily absorbed into your body. There was immediate effect and as I continue to take them, it seems the results are getting stronger and longer

Looking forward to getting some of the mustard mosi repellent too, to keep those Ross River mosquitos off me!

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  • Hope you’re feeling better Anna. I’m currently trying the liquid vitamin C. Not sure if it’s just coincidence or not, but I do feel a little bit more energised at work .
    I had both dengue and typhoid when I was in Indo. Got a lot of bugs up there – my immune system must look interesting to a scientist. Wish this liquid stuff was around in those days. no such thing as a ‘fun virus’ I guess. Get well soon !

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