Take Naturenhance supplements 1 hour before or after eating in the the morning. And don’t consume dairy for breakfast , it diminishes the absorption.
About 5-10 splashes into a glass of water or juice. That’s around 5mil or a large tea spoon for daily immunity building. If you have cold symptoms or pain you can triple this. There is no danger of overdosing, its 100% natural. Since every person is different body weight and has different biology , it is good to experiment with the dose until you find what is good for you. Take mid day and at night before sleep as well if you feel the need for a stronger dose. 1 hour after eating , and no dairy.

Directions: Take lid off bottle, hold above glass of beverage, shake 5 – 10 times, stir and drink.

Do not mix with dairy. Take once per day 1 hour before or after eating for general health and immunity enhancement. Triple the dose or take three times a day if you feel sick, (liquid Immunity- if you feel pain or inflammation)

The Turmeric – Liquid Immunity, is being talked about as a good health booster and builds resistance to flu type viruses.

The Vitamin C -Liquid Health,is essential for staving off flu, and this real Vit C I’ve sent is not ascorbic acid like you get from the chemist. Much better.

The Omegas-Liquid Nutrition, is better than cod liver oil because it also has omega 7 and omega 5 as well as 3,6 and 9. And it has hemp seed oil in it which is great!

The vitamin D -Liquid Sun mouth spray is doubly good.
Word on the grapevine says Vitamin D is great for fighting the virus . Also it has anti bacterial properties , apparently the virus enters your mouth and sits there before moving to your lungs, so if you spray a few pumps whenever your out or around people it will kill the virus before it has a chance. It also gives you fresh breath!!
Daily recommended dose of 6000 UI of Vitamin D3 is 20 squirts in your mouth.
This is a lot so I just carry it with me and do 1 or 2 squirts whenever Im talking with people or have accidentally broken social distancing.