If Vitamin D usually comes from fatty fish, where does vegan vitamin D come from?

Vitamin D3 occurs naturally in many types or plants,

  • in the leaves of Cestrum
  • diurnum
  • Lycopersicon
  • esculentum
  • Solanum malacoxylon
  • Solanum tuberosum (Solanaceae) and Cucurbita pepo (Cucurbitaceae)
  • alfalfa plant (Medicago sativa)
  • and the grasses Dactylis glomerata and Trisetum flavescens
    and in the leaves of
  • S. malacoxylon
  • L.esculentum
  • C. diurnum and Trisetum flavescens
  • pollen of Pinus nigra and Pinus sylvestris

Vitamin D is usually taken into the body from the sun’s rays or from fatty fish like tuna and salmon. Vitamin D3 is is also derived from lanolin in sheeps wool.

Naturenhance Liquid Sun offers a 100% plant based Vitamin D3 extracted from lichen.


Naturenhance has a nifty little bottle of Vitamin D, fresh out of our testing facility that is a secret weapon in the fight against certain pathogens.

That's what we believe,

We state clearly that vitamins and supplements are not to be used as medicine and cannot replace a diet of fruit and vegetables. If you are sick you should consult your G.P.

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So while liquid Sun is working on any vitamin D requirement or deficiency it also is putting up a barrier to the flu at the point of entry into your body, your mouth.