We’re a young and fast expanding Australian company. We do not support ‘pyramid sales’ systems, and we’re not promising prizes; holidays; conventions, or fortunes to be made overnight.

However, many people who enjoy a following on Facebook, or a profile on Instagram, are now becoming regular NaturEnhance customers. They’ve experienced the benefits, and have been recommending our products to friends and associates. Thank you, we would like to reward you with commission for this.

As such, we’ve decided to classify and code customers: Ambassadors; Influencers; and Wholesalers.


When you make your first purchase you can opt to join the NaturEnhance community and be allocated an account and membership number. Love our products and want to make commission (of up to $10 per sale)? Then apply to be an ambassador using the form below. We will instruct you how to use our affiliate software so you can earn commission when you direct people to buy from our website.


If you’re a professional influencer, please write to us and include links to the platforms you use and state how many followers you have and what brands you work with. We’ll be in touch and discuss a potential financial contract with you.


Tried our product/s and love them? If you’d like to sell wholesale, we’ll arrange to provide you product at our wholesale rates if you order more than 10 pieces of a single product. Fill out the form below and tell us where you’ll sell NaturEnhance products, and how much volume you want to purchase. We will send you a quote and contract. Please note, currently NaturEnhance operates in the Australiasian region. With your shipment, we’ll provide you marketing literature and templates to make digital or physical promotional displays. Note: If you’re based in Indonesia, our products containing hemp seed oil will be unavailable to your market. Please know we have a Chia oil substitute.

Wholesale, Affiliate or Influencer?